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3Doodler presents new educational kits for teachers and students –

The 3Doodler has proven to be quite a versatile tool, used by everyone from hobbyists to professional artists to create everything from small trinkets to life-size sculptures. However, the main focus of the company became education. 3Doodler regularly releases new STEM-centric educational packages, and its products have been used in over 5,000 classrooms by over 300,000 students. also placed 3Doodler kits in over 600 middle- and low-income classrooms.

Today 3Doodler introduces its latest line of products for the classroom. The 3Doodler Create+ EDU Learning Pack and 3Doodler Start EDU Learning Pack were designed for and with teachers. Each consists of 6 or 12 3Doodler pens (Create or Start, depending on packaging) and 600 or 1,200 plastic strands, plus other tech accessories, lesson plans, and classroom materials. The kits are specially designed for K-12 classrooms.

“All of our 3D pens are designed to be as simple and easy to learn as possible, avoiding barriers between a user and their ability to create,” 3Doodler said. “This quality had to be carried over to all aspects of the new EDU Learning Pack product experience, from the moment the teacher and students open their boxes to the moment they make their first doodle. And what better way to truly understand the needs of teachers and students in the classroom, than to ask teachers? »

The company is also launching the 3Doodler Create + EDU Teacher Experience Kit and 3Doodler EDU Start Teacher Experience Kit, which are designed to be trial packs for teachers who plan to introduce the 3Doodler into their classrooms. of class. Each of the Teacher’s Experiment Kits includes a 3Doodler pen and plastic sampler, as well as abbreviated lesson plans and classroom materials.

“These products represent 3Doodler’s ongoing commitment to inspiring students who pursue STEM interests and passions,” said Leah Wyman, Education Manager at 3Doodler. “We pride ourselves on creating accessible 3D products and making learning fun in the classroom.”

3Doodler EDU learning packs will be available at as well as other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy at prices ranging from $349 to $1,199. The Teacher Experience Kits will be available at and select education-based resellers with an MSRP of $29 and $59.

According to a recent survey of more than 7,000 school librarians by school library journalcolleges or colleges have passed the most on manufacturer’s supplies or equipment — an average of $1,076, compared to $743 at the elementary level and $700 at the secondary level. 3Doodler has priced its Learning Packs and Teacher Experience Kits based on school budgets.

New 3Doodler EDU Learning Packs and 3Doodler EDU Learning Experience Kits are recommended by Cocoaone of Europe’s leading EdTech assessment and recognition agencies.

Several case studies have shown that 3Doodler products inspire students to perform, diversify teaching methods, stimulate kinesthetic and visual learners, improve student concentration, including those with ADHD, and level the playing field between male and female students, especially in STEM subjects.

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