Educational kits

Global Shiksha launches educational kits to make learning fun

Educational technology company, Global Shiksha, has launched two new products – preschool magnetic education kit and building blocks for kids, making learning fun for preschoolers. The company claims to conduct extensive research that led to the design and development of these tools to improve communication and problem-solving skills in young learners.

The Pre-School Magnetic Educational Kit includes over 72 magnetic letters and numbers and Kid’s Building Blocks includes blocks of different sizes and colors, helping children learn while playing.

The educational kits are conceptualized and designed by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) graduates and help improve hand-eye coordination, develop motor skills, improve retention, sharpen memory and build confidence. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to carry to school, playdates, and picnics.

“Our products complement the learning process by making it experiential. Behind every innovative product and service are hours of brainstorming sessions and teamwork, and that’s how we make a difference in the lives of children and their parents,” said Chander Prakash Garg, CEO and founder of Global Shiksha.

These educational kits would allow children to have fun and develop their sensory and motor skills without remaining attached to screens. The colours, shapes and sizes of the different elements of these educational tools stimulate interest and allow children to develop the fine motor skills essential for learning. Moreover, the company claims that its products are safe and environmentally friendly.

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