Educational aids

Recycling of material into educational materials for anganwadis

Color sorting, counting, texturing, and many other learning and play materials were made from reusable materials in around 80 anganwadis. As part of an initiative to instill a sense of responsibility in children to a greener earth, the campaign – Mothering Dreams – saw around 1,200 mothers come together to create educational materials among the Anganwadis.

According to a press release here on Sunday, the campaign was launched by United Way Bengaluru (UWBe) and the educational materials developed by these mothers are in line with the program.

A mother is a child’s first teacher. Recognizing this sentiment, UWBe’s goal was to mobilize mothers of Anganwadi children to engage in recycling activities in several locations, the statement said. As mothers create these materials, children, in addition to watching and imitating, also learn from their mothers the importance of green principles in life. The activity also goes hand in hand with the campaign’s goal of strengthening cognitive and motor skills in preschool children. The activities involved creating objects that require focus and skill, the statement said.

Empower them

By teaching mothers how to recycle waste into items that matter to them, such as teaching aids and toys, UWBe attempts to simultaneously empower women, children and the environment for a more sustainable future, the statement said.

“The aim is to bring mothers from the disadvantaged community together and prepare child-friendly play materials using reusable and environmentally friendly products,” said Rajesh Krishnan, Managing Director of UWBe.