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Where to find school supplies during school closings

TUCSON, Arizona – Schools in Arizona will remain closed until April 10 and possibly until the end of the school year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents are suddenly faced with the obligation to keep their children’s minds engaged, but we’ve heard that many families struggle with exactly how to do it.

For many parents, the thought of taking on the role of a qualified teacher is scary. But experts say it’s not necessary. The point is simply to keep your kids learning.

Teachers look to teaching stores for supplies and this is a good place to look.

Jonathon’s educational resource store has no shortage of supplies.

Rows and rows of documents that help teachers and parents of students stay on course and get involved in their studies.

“We get stock every day. We don’t go short,” said owner Jonathan Katz.

The main inventory here includes math, reading, science, social studies, and arts materials for all grade levels – the same resources teachers use in classrooms.

“So everything we have is up to state standards, so you will be supporting your child with what they need to learn this year,” Marsha Katz said.

Experts say learning doesn’t have to be a chore for parents and kids. The store is stocked with toys and educational games.

Jonathan says they will work with parents to find what they need and if they are concerned about safety. “We are happy to offer gloves and wipes – anything you need to make your shopping more comfortable,” he said.

There are also many free educational sites. Some are fun while others touch on topics students struggle with. The most recommended site to continue and improve your skills is Khan Academy. It’s free.

The links below are provided by Rebecca Friesen, Doctor of Educational Psychology. candidate who also homeschool her children.

MobyMax strives to identify and fill learning gaps.

For older students who really like math, The art of problem solving (AoPS) has a very engaging program and they have free options under Resources (Alcumus and Videos).

There are many free online games to review math facts, such as Math lessons.

The library and Gutenberg Project offer free online versions of books.

Reading eggs has great online programs for reluctant readers, and offers a two-week free trial.

For science, many parents like Mystery sciences, and of course, countless YouTube videos.